11 reasons you might have gained a lot of weight suddenly

Look for these 11 causes of sudden weight gain and how they can affect your overall health and wellness. By identifying the cause of the weight gain, you’ll be better able to prevent or reverse the gain if you want to, determine if it’s a sign of a medical issue, and start feeling more like yourself again. Isadora Baum, Bustle – Business Insider

Don’t Weight

by Living Magazine – www.livingmagazine.net

It’s never too late to revamp your lifestyle As Americans continue to see their weight creep up, more and more people are focusing on how to lose weight with diet, exercise, and lifestyle change. Whether you need to lose five pounds or 50, we’ve compiled the best weight loss guidelines from top experts, no matter what your goals! Living at a healthy weight isn’t beyond your reach. Here are some quick tips to finding your best self. 1. Know Thyself! When embarking on any type of weight loss and exercise journey, speak to the experts. This may mean your general practitioner, but you can also consult a dietitian or a nutritionist. A dietician is a trained medical professional who can focus on your unique weight loss needs while taking into account your overall health and medical history. If you have a significant weight loss goal, start with a physician who can recommend you to a registered dietitian. A nutritionist doesn’t have the medical training that a physician or dietician may have, but they may have experience with alternative medicine. Their different Continue reading “Don’t Weight”

How to Eat Balanced Meals even on a 1, 200-Calorie Eating habits?

by Lorraine M. Noble


Good nutrition is really important for your all around health, but it’s most definitely vital when from a strict, low-calorie diet plan. The daily caloric needs of individual vary dependent upon height, gender in addition to activity level, as reported by a “USA Today” guide. If you attempt to follow a 1, 200-calorie weight loss plan to lose weight as well as to maintain your existing weight, ensure you take in balanced meals in the face of your low calories from fat. Instructions 1 Write down just how many servings of any food group you should eat each moment. A balanced diet features fruits, vegetables, motor oils, grains, dairy and even protein, says relatives Education website. Evenly distribute the many items throughout several meal. A written goal can help you manage your food items choices by serving in the form of visual reminder. 2 Schedule your meals ahead. Each evening, decide what foods you certainly will eat the next time. Write down ones own planned menu, and abide by it as closely as they can. Include the version of food, portion size and calories its full of. Pre-planning your meals lets you see exactly what amount of each food group you’re consuming and tells you what areas you ought to make Continue reading “How to Eat Balanced Meals even on a 1, 200-Calorie Eating habits?”

Top 3 Times to Consume Carbs So You Don’t Store Body Fat

by Michael Morelli – morellifit.com

Top 3 Times to Consume Carbs So You Don’t Store Body Fat Oct. 4th 2016 By: Michael In: #FatLossFiguredOut 6 Like There are a bunch of diets out there that tell you that you should avoid carbs or at least limit them to a small amount. I’m sure we have all heard of at least one of them, or at least know someone who has tried a low carb, or no carb diet. Bug are carbs really that bad? Sure carbs are the only nonessential macronutrient, but I believe after years of trail and errors on myself as well as thousands of clients, and of course all of the research that I have seen into the subject, that it isn’t all that simple. The truth is, it all depends on what type of carb you consume and even when you consume them. Eat them at the right times, and they’ll accelerate your fat loss and get you leaner. Get the timing wrong and over-consume, and you may sabotage your goals. Here are the top 3 times that you should be consuming your carbs in order to maximize your fat loss and use them to your advantage! 1. Morning One of the best times to consume carbs is in the morning, right after you wake up. Overnight, while you sleep, your body fasts and goes through carbohydrates that it stores away, also known as glycogen. Continue reading “Top 3 Times to Consume Carbs So You Don’t Store Body Fat”

8 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism Without Exercising

by Linda

8 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism Without Exercising First things first – what is metabolism? The term metabolism refers to all chemical reactions in the body, where energy formation is one its vital components. Let’s dig deeper into the subject. The key to metabolism is nutrition where the metabolic processes in the body rely on nutrients to produce energy enabling the body to synthesize new proteins, nucleic acid, etc., from the energy. Our body metabolism is based on three things: BMR – basal metabolic rate, thermic effect of the food and physical activity. BMR accounts for about 60 to 70 percent of energy we need for the fundamental body functions, like brain activity, breathing, heartbeat and so on. About 15 to 30 percent of energy we use for daily physical activity, exercising, for example. Only 10 percent of energy we use to digest food. So, to rev up our metabolism we should make certain changes to our diet, including more food that has an impact on our body to be more active in terms of energy burning. The faster the metabolism, Continue reading “8 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism Without Exercising”